What we are is who we are.
We are ready to envision, develop and install your breakthrough customer experience. We take our dedication to our craft seriously. And our commitment to your success personally. It’s why the most consequential brands rely on us. And why we’re thrilled about partnering with you.

Your PremierXD team.

PremierXD CEO Dave Gallitano
David Gallitano
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
PremierXD President Nathan Gill
Nathan Gill
President & Chief Operating Officer
PremierXD CFO Jennifer Filippone
Jennifer Filippone
Chief Financial Officer
PremierXD CIO John Conticello
John Conticello
Chief Information Officer
PremierXD team member Daniel Trotzer
Daniel Trotzer
SVP, Customer Solutions
PremierXD employee Eric Balderas
Eric Balderas
SVP, Technology & Food Service
PremierXD employee Graham Fownes
Graham Fownes
SVP, Domestic Manufacturing
PremierXD employee Robert Bomholt
Robert Bomholt
SVP, Hospitality
PremierXD emplyee Steve Stadtlander
Steve Stadtlander
SVP, Retail & Grocery
PremierXD employee Mauro Pasinelli
Mauro Pasinelli
VP, Marketing & Design

Coast-to-coast service.

We are strategically located throughout the United States to best serve you. We also have time-tested resources across the globe, to leverage the most advanced technologies and materials possible.
blue map of United States
Everett, WA
150,000 sq. ft.
Sales, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution
Everett, WA
150,000 sq. ft.
Warehouse, Distribution
Hauppauge, NY (HQ)
15,000 sq. ft.
Sales, Design, Engineering, Accounting
Portland, OR
Richmond, VA
230,000 sq. ft.
Engineering, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution
Richmond, VA
216,000 sq. ft.
Warehouse, Distribution
Sandston, VA
207,000 sq. ft.
Warehouse, Distribution

It's all about you.

PremierXD succeeds because it’s a customer-centric organization. What does that mean? It means every person and team at PremierXD delivers a positive experience in every customer interaction. It means we’re always focused on the best way to help you. We do this for a simple reason: Engaged, happy customers become long-term customers.


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