Marriott partners with PremierXD for BDNY 2018

Finalist sign outside of Marriott Booth

PremierXD was a Feature Area Sponsor for Taste Travels by Marriott GlobalDesign, at BDNY 2018.

BDNY is the premier hospitality tradeshow in the United States ( BDNY connects the most inventive manufacturers and the most influential design minds in the hospitality industry for two days of discovery, education and conversation.

PremierXD created the front and back bars, and retail display pods.

Marriott front bar in the booth at BDNY
Marriott merchandising pods in the booth at BDNY

Marriott was pleased with PremierXD solutions, and expressed kudos at the public unveiling of the Taste Travels booth. The PremierXD team was exceptional, meeting the show date and delivering a quality product well received by the customer.

Check out the Taste Travels booth in the videos below!

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